Charity fundraiser – Northlands gift wrapping

Christmas gift wrapping is back at Northlands from Monday 12 December – for a gold coin donation, get your gifts wrapped by our chosen community groups. Thank you for supporting St John Youth NZ, Heart Kids Canterbury, Pītau-Allenvale School Christchurch, and Papanui High School PTA, who get all of the proceeds from your donation.

Get your wrapping sorted for a good cause! 🎁
In centre from Monday 12 December, we’re proud to be partnering with St John, Heart Kids, Allenvale School and Papanui High School PTA to wrap your gifts for a gold coin donation. All community groups will receive proceeds from the donations.
Find the wrapping booths near The Warehouse and PAK’nSAVE.
Monday 12 – Wednesday 14 December: 10am-4pm
Thursday 15 – Friday 23 December: 10am-8pm
Friday 24 December: 9am-5pm
Make your wrapping count this year. Learn more at

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