What does the Long Term Plan mean for the Papanui area?

The Christchurch City Council has published a draft Long Term Plan, which outlines how much planned services and projects will cost, how they will be funded, and what rates will need to be. Here are some highlights:
🛣️The Greers, Northcote & Sawyers Arms intersection safety improvement project ($7m) is deleted.
🛣️The Northcote Road Corridor Improvement project ($15m) is deleted.
🚦Funding for traffic lights at the Greers/Langdons intersection ($1.8m) remains. This leaves a shortfall (the cost estimate is $2.58m), but Council staff anticipate that this shortfall can be covered from within existing budgets.
🚴‍♀️Nor’West Arc section 3 funding increases $10m to $21m, in line with cost estimates to complete this project, which will link Harewood Road through to the University of Canterbury.
🚴‍♀️No change is proposed to funding for the Wheels to Wings – Papanui ki Waiwhetū cycleway.
🛣️$2m is added for Breens/Gardiners/Harewood intersection safety.
🎠Play space renewals at Regency Reserve, Norrie Park, and Momorangi Reserve remain funded ($0.25m), but the budget is pushed back from 2024/25 to around 2026.
🛣️Budget for intersection safety improvements at Prestons & Main North Road and also at Prestons & Grimseys ($1.8m total) is deleted. Council staff advise these projects are not necessary due to changed traffic patterns following the opening of the Northern Corridor motorway.
🚴‍♀️Cycle Connections funding associated with the Northern Line MCR is delayed but increased from $0.5m to $2.7m.

⌨️Have your say: the draft Long Term Plan is open for feedback until 21 April 2024.

11 April Community Board meeting agenda

The Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board will meet at 4pm on Thursday 11 April in the Papanui boardroom.

The agenda includes:

  • no stopping restrictions for the Gambia Street / Grants Road / Rayburn Avenue intersection (pic);
  • parking changes outside Papanui Primary School; Chester Street East parking changes;
  • no stopping restrictions on Innes Road at Malvern Park;
  • $148,310 in proposed grants from the Board’s Better-Off Fund, including $100,000 to investigate safety improvements along Northcote Road;
  • $25,000 in proposed grants from the Board’s Discretionary Response Fund;
  • and an area report on initiatives and issues within the Board area.

The meeting is open for the public to attend and will be streamed on the Board’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Click through for the full agenda:

Rail crossing closures at Sturrocks & Tuckers Roads

From 8 April to 26 April, expect the railway crossing at Sturrocks Road to be closed for continuing works in that area. This should be the last closure associated with the construction of the path between Sturrocks Road and Tuckers Road.

Note also that from 15 April to 2 May, an unrelated project to upgrade a wastewater main will be at the Tuckers Road railway crossing. This will involve a road closure, which will mean between 15 to 26 April, there will be closures at both Tuckers Road and Sturrocks Road railway crossings.

Take care if you’re in the area and watch for changed traffic conditions and detours. For more information see the following link:

Service location work at Harewood/Greers intersection

There’ll be temporary traffic management and a 30 km/h speed limit at the Harewood/Greers intersection for approximately four weeks from Wednesday 10 April.

Contractors will be investigating the location of underground services ahead of two large projects programmed for later this year – renewal of the watermain on Harewood Road, and the Wheels to Wings Papanui ki Waiwhetū major cycle route. Keep an eye out for changed traffic conditions and take care if you’re in the area.

For more information see:

14 March Community Board meeting outcomes

On 14 March 2024 the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board:

  • approved tree planting plans for Cambridge Green and Marble Wood Reserve;
  • approved a grant of $41,000 from its Better-Off Fund towards costs associated with the building of the Edgeware Pool;
  • approved a grant of $60,000 from its Better-Off Fund to Shirley Intermediate School towards the Shirley Intermediate School and Community Pool Project;
  • approved a grant from the Board’s Youth Development Fund;
  • approved a grant from the Board’s Discretionary Response Fund towards the St Albans Community Website;
  • and received a report on issues and initiatives within the Board area.

The Board will next meet on Thursday 11 April.

Click through to read the full meeting minutes:

Sturrocks and Tuckers Road rail crossing closures

Tuckers Road and Sturrocks Road railway crossings upgrades: contractors will be back on site at these crossings this coming week.

The Tuckers Road crossing will be closed all day & night on Sunday 24 and Monday 25 March, including to cyclists and pedestrians. The crossing will also be closed 7am to 5pm from 26 to 28 March.

The Sturrocks Road crossing will be closed 7am to 5pm from Tuesday 26 March to Friday 5 April, except for Easter weekend.

Think Papanui understands that pedestrian and cyclist access across the railway line will be available at both crossings during this work, with the exception of Tuckers Road on 24 & 25 March.

Follow these links for more information:
Tuckers Road: ccc.govt.nz/transport/works-3/show/1452
Sturrocks Road: ccc.govt.nz/transport/works-3/show/1451

Papanui PAK’nSAVE opens today

The official opening of the Papanui PAK’nSAVE has taken place this morning, and the store will be open to the public from 9am today, Tuesday 19 March. The new traffic signals on Main North Road are now operational – take care if you’re in the area and watch for changed traffic conditions.

Council consults on Long-Term Plan

Image credit: Christchurch City Council

The Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP) outlines what the Council has planned for the next ten years. It sets out the Council’s services and major projects, what they’ll cost, how they’ll be funded and what rates will need to be.

The draft LTP is open for feedback until 21 April 2024, after which all submitters have the opportunity to speak to decision makers at a Hearings Panel. A final decision on the LTP is likely to be made by the Council in June 2024.

Click through for more information: