14 December Community Board meeting outcomes

On Thursday 14 December, the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board: heard public forum presentations on city assset sales, Edgeware Pool, and traffic issues, and a deputation on bus and coach parking in the city; approved changes to coach parking; approved proposed lane names for a development at 35 Hawkins Road; approved the revocation of reserve status on land at 119 Petrie Street; approved grants from the Board’s Discretionary Response Fund and Better-Off Fund; and received an area report in issues and initiatives within the Board area.

The Board will next meet on 15 February 2024. Click through to read the full minutes:

Graham Condon pools to close for maintenance

Image credit: Christchurch City Council

Maintenance work is planned for the pools at Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre.

The Pool Hall will be closed from Monday 8 January 2024, and the Council expects it to fully reopen by the end of May. The teach pool will reopen at the beginning of Term 2, Monday 29 April 2024, so that Swimsmart classes can resume. The Gym and Sports Halls will remain open during the temporary closure.

The work is scheduled for summer as the Council’s outdoor pools are available at that time for the community to use as an alternative, in addition to year-round indoor pools.

Community Board votes for lights at Greers/Langdons intersection

On 4 December, the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board, along with the adjacent Waimāero Board, supported the installation of traffic lights at the Greers/Langdons intersection.

The option adopted was the preferred option set out in the agenda (pictured) – signalising the Greers/Langdons intersection and converting the Reynolds/Greers intersection to left-in/left-out. The Boards also asked staff to investigate additional indented parking bays and additional measures to prevent right-turn manoeuvres between Greers Rd and Reynolds Ave.

Before this project can go ahead, the full Council will be asked to approve some aspects, and another $850,000 will need to be budgeted to meet the expected cost.

Click through to read the minutes of the meeting.

Community Board agenda: 14 December 2023

The Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board will hold its final meeting for 2023 on 14 December at 4pm.

The agenda includes:

  • public participation;
  • parking changes to provide additional spaces for tour coaches in the West End area of the central city;
  • road names for a Hawkins Road development;
  • the proposed revocation of 124m2 of land at Petrie Park, to be made available for sale to the adjoining owner;
  • an application to the Board’s Discretionary Response Fund;
  • an application to the Board’s Better Off fund;
  • and an area report on issues and initiatives within the Board area.

The meeting is open for the public to attend and will be streamed on the Board’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Click through to read the full agenda.

Community Boards to consider lights at Greers/Langdon intersection

The Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central community board will hold a joint meeting with the adjacent Waimāero Board this Monday 4 December at 4:30pm in the Fendalton boardroom. The meeting will consider the outcome of consultation on the proposed traffic lights at the Greers/Langdons intersection.

A preferred option is proposed (pic), and several alternatives are also available for consideration by the Boards. The Boards are asked to make a recommendation to the Council, which will be the final decision-maker on the project.

The meeting is open for the public to attend and will be livestreamed on the Waimāero Board’s YouTube channel and shared on the Waipapa Board’s Facebook page. Click through to read the full agenda, including a report on the consultation, all submissions, and details of the proposed design, as well as a detailed report on the options.

Braintree Wellness Centre open day: Saturday 25 November

The Braintree Wellness Centre on Langdons Road supports people living with neurological conditions to live well in the community. Braintree will hold an open day this Saturday morning 25 November. Through the morning there will be presentations by Multiple Sclerosis & Parkinsons, Dementia Canterbury, Stroke Foundation, Aphasia NZ and Southern Music Therapy. See the Braintree Facebook page for more details.