Northern Line cycleway works underway

Signs of progress: construction has begun on the missing sections of the Northern Line cycleway. This photo looks north from Barnes Road and shows the future path to Main North Road at the Belfast bridge. Work between Tuckers and Sturrocks Roads is also getting underway. These sections are planned to be completed by mid 2024.

Bus route changes: frequency & destination change for route 28 replacement

Two new bus routes will begin operating in Christchurch from Monday 4 September. At that time the current routes 17 and 28 will cease operation and be replaced by new routes 8 and 27. In the Papanui area, the number 27 will follow the same route as the old number 28, but at a higher frequency (20 minutes on weekdays until 6pm), and south of the bus exchange the service will head to Huntsbury rather than the number 28’s destination of Lyttelton. For more details see the Ecan news release or head to the Metro website.

10 August 2023 Community Board meeting outcomes

On Thursday 10 August, the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board:

  • received two public forum presentations and a deputation;
  • approved an urban forest planting plan for Lancaster Park;
  • approved the renewal of Innes Road between Mersey Street & the shops past Philpotts Road;
  • approved no stopping restrictions for Pavitt Street and Moa Place;
  • approved the stopping and selling of a portion of land on Hendon Street;
  • approved grants from the Board’s Strengthening Communities Fund;
  • approved grants from the Board’s Discretionary Response Fund and Youth Development Fund;
  • and received an area report on issues and initiatives within the Board area.

Click through to read the full minutes. The Board will next meet on Thursday 14 September.

Construction to start on missing sections of Northern Line Cycleway

Construction of the missing sections of the Northern Line Cycleway linking Papanui through to Northwood is due to commence on 21 August 2023. Unfortunately KiwiRail has advised there’ll be further delays to upgraded pedestrian & cycle crossings adjacent to the railway line on Sawyers Arms, Langdons, and Harewood Roads. See more in this post from Think Papanui curator Simon Britten:

Good news: construction is due to start later this month on missing sections of the Northern Line Cycleway, between Tuckers & Sturrocks Roads and from Barnes Road to Main North Road. A start work notice is due to be delivered to nearby residents and businesses, and can also be found at the link below.

Not so good news: railway crossing upgrades at Sawyers Arms, Langdons, and Harewood roads were provisionally booked for November 2023 but the Council has now been notified by KiwiRail that the earliest possible time for these upgrades will be July 2024.

10 August Community Board agenda

The Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board will meet this Thursday 10 August at 4pm in the Papanui boardroom. The agenda includes:

  • public participation;
  • correspondence relating to naming of the lane that accesses Braintree off Langdons Road;
  • the urban forest planting plan for Lancaster Park;
  • no stopping restrictions for Pavitt Street and Moa Place;
  • Innes Road street renewal (pic);
  • stopping of 40m2 of road on Hendon Street;
  • Strengthening Communities grants from the Board’s funding pool of $657,718;
  • eight applications to the Board’s Discretionary Response Fund;
  • one application to the Board’s Positive Youth Development Fund;
  • and an area report on initiatives and issues within the Board area.

The meeting will be livestreamed on the Board’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. Click through for the full agenda: