Sign Equity: Bridging the gap

Think Papanui is sharing this information on behalf of Papanui-based Sign Equity:

“Hi! Please take a look at this short video of our social enterprise, here in Christchurch. We would love to spread the word about what we do in support of the New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) users in our community. Please Like and Share in support of our initiative. – Thanks ?
We are based in Condell Avenue and visit people around Christchurch.

For more information see https://www.signequity.services or https://www.facebook.com/SignEquity

Christchurch gives green light to Lime scooters

Limewatch update: Council has this morning approved staff recommendations to issue a 12 month permit, charge a rental fee, and increase the cap on Lime e-scooters from 700 to 1,000. Councillors appear satisfied that the ‘brake lock’ safety issue has been addressed by Lime.

Lime scooters will stay on Christchurch streets! ???
Find out more about today’s decision to grant a 12-month permit for the e-scooter company to trade in Christchurch here at Newsline.”

Christchurch gives green light to Lime scooters

Lime Technology can charge ahead with its plans to expand its Christchurch fleet of electric scooters.”


22 February Board meeting outcomes

At the 22 February meeting, the Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board: again deferred a decision on an upgrade to bus facilities in Shirley, pending further advice from Council staff; approved a grant from the Board's Discretionary Response fund; approved a grant from the Boards Positive Youth Development Fund; and received an area report on initiatives and issues current within the Community Board area. Click through to read the full minutes. The board will next meet at 9am on Friday 8 March 2019.



Papanui High School Adult and Community Education

Term 1 classes with Papanui High School Adult and Community Education are underway, and there are some weekend courses coming up, including this opportunity to learn to plaster walls. See the Facebook page or website for details.

Papanui High School is offering a hands on class to teach students the art of plastering. You will learn how to prepare walls, how to use plastering tools correctly and how to skim walls. The tutor will also teach how to mix compound correctly and what undercoat to apply over plaster, the correct…



Limewatch: Council to consider Lime e-scooters

Limewatch: this week the Christchurch City Council will consider a recommendation to extend Lime’s Christchurch permit by 12 months and increase the number of scooters allowed. It is also recommended that Lime be charged a rental fee that reflects the public space occupied by scooters. At the same time, safety of Lime scooters is in the news, with two councils suspending licences while a Lime-led email campaign fills Councillors’ inboxes. The AA is calling for the e-scooters to be taken off all NZ’s streets until safety is proven – click through to read more:

Customers deserved better – AA on Lime scooters

The motoring safety watchdog says there’s a consumer protection issue and the e-scooters shouldn’t be on the streets until they’re proven safe.”


Recap: Council decision on the draft CNC Downstream Effects Mitigation Plan

Click through for a recap of the Council discussion and decision on the draft CNC Downstream Effects Mitigation Plan:

Recap: Council decision on the draft CNC Downstream Effects Mitigation Plan

The Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) Downstream Effects Mitigation Plan was on the Christchurch City Council’s agenda on 14 February 2019. The plan is required as a condition of the consent for…”