Maintenance closure planned for Graham Condon pools

The pools at Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre are set to temporarily close from January 2024 for two significant maintenance projects, including replacing the pellet boiler used to head the pools with an electric system. The work is scheduled over summer as the Council’s outdoor pools are available at that time for the community to use as an alternative, in addition to year-round indoor pools. Click through to read more:

Image credit: Christchurch City Council

Collaborative community safety project for Papanui

This week’s Nor’West News includes coverage of a collaborative initiative to promote safety and youth-friendly spaces in the Papanui community, with comment from several people involved including Think Papanui curator Simon Britten. Groups involved include Papanui Youth Development Trust – PYDT, Northlands Shopping Centre, Canterbury Police, Papanui High School, Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board, Christchurch City Council, and Te Ora Hou Ōtautahi. See the image for the article, or head to:

12 July Community Board meeting outcomes

On 12 July 2023, the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board:

  • heard one public forum presentation and 36 deputations;
  • approved no stopping restrictions at 519 Madras Street;
  • received a report on issues and initiatives within the Board area;
  • approved a road name for a development in Redwood;
  • approved parking and stopping restrictions in Chester Street East;
  • and recommended that the Council approves the cycle lane changes on Rolleston Ave and Park Tce for a five=year period, with the in-lane bus stop on Park Tce to be replaced with an indented stop.

The Board will next meet on Thursday 10 August. Click through to read the full minutes:

Summer with your Neighbours: funding available for local community events

Summer with your Neighbours was started as Neighbourhood Week by the then Shirley-Papanui Community Board in 1998. The initiative is about bringing people closer together and celebrating the unique and diverse mix of each neighbourhood. Small subsidies are available towards costs to help support Summer with your Neighbours events. Click through for more information and suggestions for events. Applications close on 11 August.

Speed limit reductions for Papanui & Redwood streets

Last week the Council adopted an Interim Speed Management Plan, with the objective to make it safer around all our schools and surrounding neighbourhoods. The plan will now be submitted to Waka Kotahi for certification and the new speed limits will then be formalised and implemented.

Some additional changes that were requested through consultation feedback will be addressed in the future as part of a long-term Speed Management Plan. A possible inclusion of Winters and Grimseys Roads (and their side streets) in Redwood in the plan was not recommended to be included in the interim plan, as feedback “indicated that the community was not ready for these changes”. Other local streets (such as Barnes Rd & Sturrocks Rd, and the area south of Prestons Road) may be considered in the future.

Previously speed limit changes were set by operational speeds and infrastructure (eg physical changes to the road) was required to support a lower speed limit. Under a new setting of speed limits rule, safe speed limits can be set without requiring the installation of new design and infrastructure, which could be a costly barrier to achieving safe speed limits. Where necessary, the need for infrastructure will still be assessed through separate projects and programmes.

See the overview map for changes made in the Waipapa Community Board area. Note that these are additional to the Slow Speeds Neighbourhood changes already implemented in the Papanui area. Apologies for the low-resolution of the map.

Agenda for 12 July Community Board meeting

The Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board will meet a day earlier than previously advised, and at 10am in the Council Chambers. The agenda includes:

  • hearing deputations on the Rolleston Ave and Park Tce cycleway (likely to occupy much of the day);
  • consideration of a recommendation to Council on the Rolleston/Park changes;
  • proposed parking and stopping restrictions for Madras Street and Chester Street East;
  • a proposed road name for a development in Redwood; and
  • an Area Report on issues and initiatives within the Board area.

The meeting is open for the public to attend, and will be livestreamed on the Board’s YouTube and Facebook channels. Click through for the full agenda, which also includes a detailed report on Rolleston Ave and Park Tce:

200 trees for Redwood Park

The Council has released tree planting plans for fourteen parks across the city as part of the Ōtautahi-Christchurch Urban Forest Plan. In Redwood Park (pictured) over 200 new trees are proposed.

For more details, including a full list of parks, plans, and an online feedback form, see the link below. The plans are open for public feedback until 17 July 2023.