Recap: the week ended 27 March 2020

Think Papanui’s curator Simon Britten rounds up stories from the past week (which has understandingly been dominated by COVID-19):

Top post of the week was the news last Saturday that all Council community facilities were closing until further notice.

The only non-COVID-19 story of the week concerned last Sunday’s night closure of QEII Drive.

I linked to a Newshub story on last week’s Community Board meeting.

The Council assured us that essential services would continue to be provided while the city is in a Level 4 lockdown.

I shared news from Northlands Shopping Centre as we approached Level 4.

The Council met on Tuesday to determine governance arrangements during the COVID-19 emergency period.

I shared outcomes, minutes, and the live video from last week’s Community Board meeting.

Email promotion Columbus

Think Papanui’s ‘subscribe for a chance to win’ mailing list promotion is continuing, although winners may have to wait to utilise their cafe-voucher prizes.

Think Papanui’s Facebook followers gave useful feedback on the proposed local “what’s open” page, and shortly thereafter the page was launched.


Northlands Shopping Centre has posted details of opening hours and access arrangements for essential services still operating under the Level 4 alert.

The ‘teddy bear hunt‘ underway around New Zealand has arrived in the Papanui area also.

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With warm regards
Simon Britten