Papanui Councillor Mike Davidson comments on water supply issues

Interesting comments here from Papanui Councillor Mike Davidson. Our Council was discussing a report on the water supply programme that can be found at the link below, and which includes advice that “The Minister of Health has signalled a stricter regime for potable water supply with a significant increase in the standard of infrastructure and risk management required to avoid residual disinfection / chlorination” as well as other interesting details such as timelines for remediation works at a number of pump stations. http://christchurch.infocouncil.biz/Open/2018/08/CNCL_20180809_AGN_2346_AT_SUP_WEB.htm

Today Councillors sent a strong message to Central Government, to leave Christchurch’s drinking water with the people of Christchurch, under a democratically elected governance structure. The possible outcome of what may be coming from Central Government is extremely concerning with the control of our drinking water moving to an undemocratic governance structure with not only the possibility of permanent chlorinated drinking water, but also the rate payers of Christchurch having to help pay for the drinking water infrastructure in other regions in the South Island. This is totally unacceptable and I will march in the streets with the people of Christchurch if it heads that way.