Reduced trips on some services Wednesday 7th March

Morning trips on the 107 and 108 bus routes through the Papanui area will be impacted by industrial action tomorrow Wednesday 7 March – see this post from Metro Info for details:
On Wednesday 7 March, between 9am and 1pm, some Red Bus Ltd staff will be attending a union meeting. As a result, there will be some bus routes where only a few trips, will operate between these times. Please check the list of missed trips below to see if your route is affected.

Purple Line

8.36am from Sumner to Airport

10.07am from Airport to Sumner

10.51am from Sumner to Sheffield Cres

107 Styx Mill – Northlands

8.52am from Northlands to Styx Mill

9.21am from Northlands to Styx Mill

9.24am from Styx Mill to Northlands

9.54am from Styx Mill to Northlands

10.21am from Northlands to Styx Mill

10.54am from Styx Mill to Northlands

11.21am from Northlands to Styx Mill

108 Casebrook – Northlands

10.06am from Northlands to Casebrook

10.36am from Northlands to Casebrook

10.42am from Casebrook to Northlands

11.06am from Northlands to Casebrook

11.12am from Casebrook to Northlands

11.36am from Northlands to Casebrook

11.42am from Casebrook to Northlands

12.12pm from Casebrook to Northlands

120 Burnside – Spreydon

8.51am from Spreydon to Burnsisde

9.52am from Spreydon to Burnside

9.56am from Burnside to Spreydon

10.56am from Burnside to Spreydon

11.52am from Spreydon to Burnside

135 Burwood Hospital – New Brighton

9.17am from New Brighton to Burwood Hospital

9.45am from Burwood Hospital to New Brighton

145 Westmorland – Eastgate

9.17am from Westmorland to Eastgate

9.43am from Eastgate to Westmorland

9.47am from Westmorland to Eastgate

10.12am from Eastgate to Westmorland

10.42am from Eastgate to Westmorland

10.47am from Westmorland to Eastgate

11.42am from Eastgate to Westmorland

11.47am from Westmorland to Eastgate

If you have any questions regarding these trips not operating please email us at metro@ecan.govt.nz or call us on 03 366 8855.