Kai + Consultation

Young people in Papanui (and beyond!), here’s an opportunity to have your say about the future of our region. This event is specifically for ages 12-24 years. Click through for further details… Have your say about the future of Canterbury!

For free food, great networking, and the opportunity to learn something new, come along to Kai + Consultation; a chance for you to be up with how you can shape the future of Canterbury!

This event is for ages 12-24

The Environment Canterbury Regional Council sets Long Term Plans (LTP) to set out a 10-year budget that includes building and renewing key infrastructure. In order for the youth voice to be heard, we’re holding Kai + Consultation, making the process easier for everyone who attends!

The Environment Canterbury Youth Engagement Team is working to equip tomorrow’s citizens to support a sustainable region.

The Christchurch Youth Council are a voice for the youth of Christchurch, wanting Christchurch to be the best city it can be, and for youth to be involved in making that happen.

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