Plan change sets rules for short-term visitor accommodation

Consultation outcome: a plan change aimed at managing the impacts of short-term visitor accommodation (eg Air BnB etc) has been approved.

In most residential zones in Christchurch, renting out homes or units as unhosted visitor accommodation will be a controlled activity if it is rented out for less than 60 nights a year for a maximum of six guests. That means the owner will need to apply for a resource consent, but the Council cannot decline the application. It can only put conditions on the consent.

If a house or unit in a residential zone is being rented out as short-term visitor accommodation for more than 60 nights a year and has between six and 12 guests, it becomes a discretionary activity. That means a resource consent is required and the Council can consider environmental effects, including impacts on neighbours, such noise and traffic movements, before deciding whether to grant or decline the consent.

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Plan change sets rules for short-term visitor accommodation