Wheels to Wings Hearings Panel

The Hearings Panel for the Wheels to Wings Papanui ki Waiwhetū Major Cycle Route will meet this Wednesday 16 February from 9am in the Council Chamber. People holding a current vaccine pass may attend the meeting in person, and attendance is also available by an audio-visual link.

Panel members are: Mayor Lianne Dalziel; Councillors Aaron Keown and Mike Davidson, and Community Board members Jason Middlemiss and Emma Norrish.

The Panel will receive a presentation from staff, followed by hearing from submitters. Submissions will also be heard on 4 and 16 March, after which the Panel will consider the submissions and deliberate on the proposal. The Panel is expected to make a recommendation to the Council’s Urban Development and Transport Committee.

The agenda, including the staff report, is available at the link below. All written submissions are also available on the Council’s website.