Community Boards will meet to consider CNC traffic plan, residents prepare to ‘peacefully rebel’

The St Albans Residents Association is rallying the community to ‘peacefully rebel’ outside the Council chambers this Friday ahead of the joint Community Board meeting to consider the Christchurch Northern Corridor Downstream Effects Management Plan.

Staff have recommended that the Boards: receive and endorse then plan; recommend to Council to endorse the plan; and note that Council staff will commence design & consultation on the first stage of the proposed interventions.

(Note that this joint meeting will also consider no stopping restrictions for North Avon Road, which is on the boundary between the Innes and Central Wards.)

Follow the link below for the online version of the agenda, which includes a full copy of the final downstream plan and other supporting information. It’s a big document, and there is also a PDF available for those who find that format more manageable to read.