Limewatch: Council to consider Lime e-scooters

Limewatch: this week the Christchurch City Council will consider a recommendation to extend Lime’s Christchurch permit by 12 months and increase the number of scooters allowed. It is also recommended that Lime be charged a rental fee that reflects the public space occupied by scooters. At the same time, safety of Lime scooters is in the news, with two councils suspending licences while a Lime-led email campaign fills Councillors’ inboxes. The AA is calling for the e-scooters to be taken off all NZ’s streets until safety is proven – click through to read more:

Customers deserved better – AA on Lime scooters

The motoring safety watchdog says there’s a consumer protection issue and the e-scooters shouldn’t be on the streets until they’re proven safe.”