Speed limits on Harewood, Sawyers Arms, Gardiners, Styx Mill Roads set to drop

Speed limits on the top end of Harewood and Sawyers Arms Roads, and along Gardiners and Styx Mill Roads, are set to drop soon following a decision last week by the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board. Harewood Rd will drop to 50km/hr, and Sawyers Arms, Gardiners, and Styx Mill Roads to 60km/hr. Full details of the proposal can be found in the Board’s agenda (http://christchurch.infocouncil.biz/Open/2018/06/FWHB_20180605_AGN_2575_AT_WEB.htm), and the final decision in the minutes from the meeting (http://christchurch.infocouncil.biz/Open/2018/06/FWHB_20180605_MIN_2575_AT.PDF). These changes are expected to come into force next month following Council approval and installation of signage.