Connecting generations at Papanui Library

GenConnect is a volunteer inter-generational programme where high school students assist older adults by providing free technology help. In this video three Papanui High School students discuss the programme with Duncan Webb, Labour MP for Christchurch Central. There’s also more information at the following link:

At Papanui Library with Jack Haldane, Anish Kadariya and Lyss Cowie from Papanui High School who deliver GenConnect. Its an awesome initiative where they hang out at the library on Tuesday lunchtimes and people who need a hand with technology can stop by and get advice and assistance.

So if you need to work out your settings on facebook, want to set up an account on trademe, or desperately want to post a clip on TikTok, com on down. They will even help you make sure that you are on the best plan for your phone and the like.

Given the move away from storefront assistance by banks, insurers, power companies, and even phone providers this kind of assistance is really helpful – thanks guys!

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