Boundaries of Papanui Ward proposed to change

The boundaries of Papanui Ward are proposed to change in the upcoming Council representation review. The most significant proposals are (1) the northern boundary moving from the Styx River to Farquhars Road, shifting Redwood Springs out of Papanui and into Innes Ward, and (2) in the south east the boundary being extended to include more St Albans / Mairehau residents. There also could be a minor change in the vicinity of Cavendish/Sturrocks Roads.

It is proposed that Central Ward be joined to the Community Board area to form a Papanui-Innes Central Community Board.

These proposals are included in a report to tomorrow’s Council meeting. If approved by the Council, the next step will be a public consultation process, planned to commence on 20 March. A final determination will be made by the Local Government Commission ahead of the next local elections in 2022.

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