Papanui Major Cycleway updates

Two Major Cycleway Routes that are yet to arrive in Papanui are the Nor’West Arc and the Wheels to Wings. A report to next week’s Urban Development and Transport Committee has brief updates on these:

    • Nor’West Arc: Construction is underway for Stage 1 and some of Stage 2 (Cashmere Road through to the University). Route selection from the University through to Harewood Road has been undertaken and will go to public consultation before it is confirmed.
    • Wheels to Wings (connecting Papanui to the airport): Scheme design is being completed ready for consultation late January 2021.

More information on Major Cycleway Routes can be found in Section 4.4 of item 10 of next week’s agenda, and on the Council’s website – links below.

Image credit: Christchurch City Council