Council proposes cuts to Papanui projects


Some capital projects in the Papanui area are proposed by Council to receive less funding in the 2020-21 financial year. Changes include:

  • $5m of wastewater renewal reduced to $0
  • The cycleway connection through Rutland Reserve between Cranford St and the Papanui Parallel reduced from $2.9m to $0.6m
  • The budget for the ‘missing link’ of Northern Line cycleway between Tuckers & Sturrocks Roads reduced from $700k to $0

(Note that the two Papanui cycleway projects have been listed under Innes Ward.)

A breakdown for each Ward showing differences between the original Draft Annual Plan and the current proposal can be found online at:…/long-term-plan…/2020-2021-annual-plan/

The updated Draft Annual Plan is open for feedback until 29 June.