Papanui PAK’nSAVE Resource Consent granted

Foodstuffs has received Resource Consent for their proposed PAK’nSAVE supermarket at the Main North Rd / Northcote Rd / QEII Dr intersection. The decision reads: “For the reasons set out above, and acting under delegated authority on behalf of the Christchurch City Council, consent is hereby granted to Foodstuffs South Island Limited to:

a. establish, operate and maintain a supermarket and associated fuel facility, offices, car parking, access, signage and landscaping at 171 Main North Road;
b. provide an emergency coordination facility at 171 Main North Road;
c. alter the existing site access and relocate existing carparking for the Foodstuffs South Island Head Office at 165 Main North Road; and
d. alter access and relocate existing carparking arrangements for the retail and commercial tenancies located at 3-7 Northcote Road.”

Community Board Chair Emma Norrish has been reading through the decision – see her post for more details and a link through to the documents:

PAKnSAVE RC decision plan 1280