Council approves Cranford area transport projects in the CNC DEMP

On Tuesday 24 September the full Council considered the report and recommendations for transport projects downstream of the Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC). The projects are contained in the Council’s Downstream Effects Management Plan (DEMP). The resolutions were passed by the Council as proposed, along with one extra resolution that requested “that the Courtney Street renewal be investigated during the next Draft Long Term Plan”.

The Council is now working on detailed design, with work expected to start in January 2020. There will be further engagement with residents “on a street by street basis where traffic calming has been identified, to develop traffic calming solutions” the Council advises.

There will also be further work with the Council’s strategic partners (NZTA, Environment Canterbury and Waimakariri District Council) on Travel Demand Management. The full minutes of the meeting can be found at:

Minutes of Council – 24 September 2019