Community Boards to Council: “stem the flow of vehicles”

On Friday 13 September the joint meeting of the Papanui-Innes and Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Boards reached a conclusion after considering submissions and the staff report on the Council’s proposed transport projects downstream of the Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC). The Boards passed the resolutions recommended by staff essentially as proposed, but also several significant additional resolutions, including:

  • not to proceed with clearways on Cranford Street (between Berwick St and Innes Rd) at this stage; and
  • to request Council prioritises “measures to stem the flow of vehicles from the Christchurch Northern Corridor into St Albans”

The recommendations from the joint Board meeting will go to the 24 September (note the date change) meeting of the full Council. If approved at that meeting, work will commence on a large number of improvements and upgrades. Decisions about the exact design and use of lanes on Cranford Street between Berwick St and Innes Rd will remain to be made as the mid-2020 opening date of the CNC approaches.

Minutes of the meeting, including the exact wording of the resolutions, will be published at https://christchurch.infocouncil.biz/.