Christchurch Northern Corridor Meeting Moved to Council Chambers

On Monday 9 September there’ll be a joint meeting of the Papanui-Innes and Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Boards, to consider submissions on the Council’s proposed transport projects in the Cranford Street area, and to hear from submitters who wish to speak. The venue for this meeting has been changed to the Council Chambers in the Civic building in Hereford Street. 50 people have asked to speak on the issue, and it was clear that the originally planned venue (the Papanui boardroom) would not be big enough. Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Board Chair Ali Jones said on Wednesday that “The board is very pleased by the number of people who have engaged on the matter and want to speak.” The meeting will commence at 9:30am, and is open for all members of the public to attend. Think Papanui will share a link to the consultation summary and submissions received once they are published in the lead-up to the meeting.

Christchurch Northern Corridor Meeting Moved to CCC Chambers

253 submissions have been received related to the Christchurch Northern Corridor transport projects, with 50 people wanting to speak on the issue.”