Think Papanui & The Christchurch App

Announcing an exciting new collaboration between Think Papanui and the Christchurch App ? Think Papanui’s news can now be found on a dedicated Papanui button on The Christchurch App. Click through for details, or for more information contact the following:
Think Papanui:
Simon Britten, curator, info@thinkpapanui.nz or 027 787 5241

The Christchurch App:
Advertising enquiries: Murray Dempsey, Managing Director, Metros Publishing Group
murray@metros.co.nz or 021 639 994

Tracey Edwardes, journalist, tracey@thechchapp.co.nz or 021 332 737


Think Papanui & The Christchurch App

Hyper-local news sites Think Papanui and The Christchurch App are collaborating to increase the availability of local democracy reporting and community news in Christchurch. Think Papanui’s news ca…”