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“Kia ora, this is Simon Britten from Think Papanui.

I’m down at the Northlink retail site on Langdons Road, which is where Kmart have announced they’ll be relocating to, from The Palms in Shirley.

I’ve had a lot of response to my Facebook post about this move, with more than 6,000 comments. With that many comments I haven’t been able to keep across the detail, but what I have noticed is that I’ve heard from people who are happy that Kmart is coming here, in fact they’re coming … just in the background – sorry about the lighting. They’re just going to be over there somewhere, which is still a bit of a construction site. Some people of course who are not happy, particularly with the Shirley store closing, and there’s other people who have raised a range of concerns about the move.

Thanks for very much for engaging and connecting with Think Papanui.

Now, I promised a promotion when Think Papanui hit 2,000 likes, and we’re just about there now, so I’ve got two $50 Kmart gift vouchers to give away, which I thought was appropriate under the circumstances.

I’m just going to read the details of that so I get it right – excuse me for looking off-camera. I’m going to draw one name from people who like this video, and I’m going to draw another name from people who like a separate post with a photo that I’m going to put up after this. To be in the running, you just need to like this page and like the posts. You can like them both – get in the running twice, that’s fine – you won’t win twice, as if I draw the same name I’ll just redraw because I want to spread the love. You’re welcome to share and let others know, but won’t be necessary to be in the draw. I’m going to draw the names after 5pm next Sunday [not Thursday] the 12th of May. All other terms and conditions can be found on

I’m just going to spin round one more time to have a look at the building site here on Langdons Road. Across the car park there’s going to be some more construction – in theory, early in 2020 that’s where we’re going to see Kmart, over that way. The gift vouchers are good for four years, so if there’s a delay with construction you’ll still be fine, or of course you can go to The Palms or anywhere else to spend them in the meantime.

So have a great day, and thanks for connecting with Think Papanui.”