More on the draft CNC Downstream Effects Mitigation Plan

Long post: notes from a review of the draft CNC Downstream Effects Mitigation Plan. This is a 100+ page draft document which is included in the agenda for this Friday’s Community Board meeting (link below).

Selected points from the draft plan:
– a ‘do nothing’ approach to downstream effects will result in rat-running on ‘a lot’ of local streets and other significant negative impacts.
– a range of options have been analysed including Barbadoes & Madras Streets having clearways, or being 3-laned, or made one-way as far as Warrington Street.
– clearways or permanent 4-laning of Cranford / Sherborne Streets was also considered.
– community impacts of changes was the highest-weighted of the criteria that each option was measured against.
– safety in relation to schools, cycling, and access to parks and commercial centres was also considered.
– proposed projects & studies have been prioritised into Stage 1 (before the CNC opens), Stage 2 (within 3 years of the CNC opening), and Stage 3 (by 2031).

The full list of proposals is too long to include in this post. It includes:
– peak period clearways along Cranford Street from Innes Rd to Berwick St
– implementation of one of several possible options south of Berwick Street (see below)
– investigation of HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes all the way through to Bealey Ave, both southbound and northbound.
– traffic calming measures for side streets

South of Berwick Street, the following three options have the best ranking, and the plan recommends that all three progress to a more detailed scoping study:
– clearways on Barbadoes St and Madras/Forfar St
– extension of Barbadoes / Madras St one-ways through to Warrington St
– clearways on Cranford / Sherborne St from Innes Rd through to Bealey Ave
Note that permanent 3-laning of Barbadoes and Madras/Forfar St is not an option that is recommended by the plan.

The full document can be found at the link below, or check the ‘agendas and minutes’ section of the Christchurch City Council website for a PDF version.