Prestons Rd eastbound closure & Grimseys/QEII reopening

Prestons Rd eastbound closure & Grimseys/QEII reopening:
From Monday 14 January to 29 January Prestons Road will be closed to eastbound traffic, just east of Grimseys Road. (The westbound traffic lane stays available.) A diversion for eastbound traffic will be in place, via QEII Drive.
From Wednesday 30 January traffic management will change to allow for two-way Prestons Road traffic on one lane by using traffic lights. This set up will be in place for 18 months.
The Grimseys Road intersection with QEII Drive will be opened (left out only) from Friday 11 January until mid February. It will then briefly close again to allow finishing pavement work to take place, before reopening permanently in its final configuration of left in and left out only.
More information at: https://nzta.govt.nz/cnc