Papanui Postshop closing at the end of January 2019?

The current Papanui Postshop is closing at the end of January 2019. Thanks Councillor Mike Davidson – Papanui Ward for the heads-up:

Popped into my local Postshop this morning in Papanui to do some banking and a conversation started about the impending closure of the Postshop side… there is some Good news and Bad News- the good news is that all the Private Postboxes are staying and so is Kiwibank but the bad news is that from the 1st of February the Papanui Postshop side will be gone. I asked if they were staying in Papanui as this is a very handy drop in centre for many locals but the very helpful staff knew only that NZ Post were searching for new premises.. that does not sound promising as you would think if they were not moving from Papanui completely they would have a building in their sights by now.. I will update you more on this in the New Year..”