Analysis: Adding up the benefits of the Christchurch Northern Corridor

The Christchurch Northern Corridor project has its origins in the 1960s, but it was in 2012 that the current project was approved. Think Papanui’s Simon Britten has been researching the benefits that the NZ Transport Agency’s board was told the project would bring at the time they made that decision. Click through for details.

I’ve been researching the benefits we’re told will come from the Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) project. Here’s an analysis based on the information available to the Board of the NZ Transport Agency when the project was approved.…”


Adding up the benefits of the Christchurch Northern Corridor

Analysis: It’s fair to say that the Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC) is a contentious project. There are significant costs involved (both financial – more on that in a future article.”


Save the date: Papanui Bush community planting and weeding day on 5 June

Save the date: there’s a community planting and weeding day coming up at Papanui Bush on Wednesday 5 June. More details to come.

Community planting and weeding day at Papanui Bush on the 5th of June – Arbor Day. More details to come.
This is a fantastic community collaboration involving the Waipapa/ Papanui Innes Community Board, Rotary Club of Papanui, Papanui Heriage Group, students & teachers from Papanui High School and…”



Recap: the week ended 24 May 2019

Think Papanui’s curator Simon Britten rounds up stories from the past week:

MNR bus priority video clip.jpg
Image credit: Christchurch City Council

We’ve had an update from the Council on the Main North Road bus priority project. This project was approved by Council last year and will deliver a full-time northbound bus lane between Winston Ave and Grassmere St, signalisation of the Grassmere / Main North Rd intersection, and a number of other changes. Construction is expected to run from July to November 2019.

After redrawing and re-redrawing names, I was relieved to finally track down contactable recipients for Think Papanui’s ‘2,000 likes’ Kmart promotion.

School Trustee elections are coming up soon. At the time of sending this email nominations will be closing for most schools. Voting will take place late May / early June.

Northlink sign.jpgTop post of the week was an analysis of the traffic impacts of Kmart’s move to Papanui, and of the other retail stores in the Langdons Road development. Our Community Board has been advised that traffic issues will be addressed in the next stage of the development, but there’s no budget for lights at the increasingly busy Langdons/Greers intersection, and no requirement to implement them quite yet.

I attended both the first and second consultation meetings on the Harewood/Gardiners/Breens intersection this week. I have my own thoughts on the proposals and will be making a submission in due course, but on Think Papanui my priority is to promote awareness and encourage all interested people to get involved, regardless of their opinion. The meetings were the most well-attended of any Council consultation sessions I’ve been to, and I noted that both times a number of attendees expressed frustration that the format didn’t allow for ‘town hall’ style Q&A.

The Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board met this morning. Earlier this week I posted an overview of the Board’s agenda for the meeting.

Christchurch Police have posted a warning of an increase in opportunistic burglaries and vehicle thefts in our area. See the Police’s post and web page for more information and advice.

If you read this email before 6pm Friday, consider calling in to the Papanui Library for the opening of the 2019 Polyphony youth art exhibition. I’ll be there – come & say hello if you can. While I haven’t been directly involved, I’m proud to work for Te Ora Hou Ōtautahi – the local youth and community development organisation behind Polyphony.

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Coming up:

Next Friday 31 May there’ll be a joint Community Board meeting to consider submissions received on the draft plan to manage downstream effects of the Christchurch Northern Corridor (CNC). The meeting is expected to make a recommendation that will then go to the 13 June meeting of the full Council for a final decision.


Feedback is always welcome on Think Papanui’s content, either on Facebook or Instagram, or directly to me.
With warm regards
Simon Britten

Christchurch Police: protect your property and vehicles

Canterbury Police have seen an increase in opportunistic burglaries and stolen vehicles in the Burnside, Bishopdale, and Redwood areas. See this post for more information and advice:

“?Be vigilant ?
Christchurch Police have noticed an increase in burglaries and stolen vehicles in the Burnside, Bishopdale and Redwood areas. Offenders are targeting older model Nissans, Subarus and Mazdas.
A large number of these incidents could have been avoided. Officers attending these…”

Protect your property and vehicles

“Suggests how to protect your property and possessions from burglars, with security checklists for home and vehicles. Store an asset list online using SNAP.”


Youth art exhibition this Friday 24 May

This Friday 24 May at 6pm, the public is invited to join young artists from the Papanui area for the official opening of the Polyphony Exhibition 2019. See Te Ora Hou Ōtautahi’s post for more information…

Don’t know if you know this – but this week is YOUTH WEEK!

We’ll be hosting our annual event, the Polyphony Exhibition, this Friday, 6pm at the Papanui Library. There is an open invite to all, so please come and join us in celebrating youth week as young people from our community have their voices…”



Agenda of Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board – 24 00 2019

The Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board will meet this Friday 24 May at 9am in the Papanui boardroom. The agenda includes: three applications to the Board's Discretionary Response Fund; two applications to the Board's Positive Youth Development Fund; and (in a public-excluded proceeding) consideration of 2019 Community Service Awards. Click through for the full agenda:…/PICB_20190524_AGN_32…

Agenda of Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board – 24 00 2019


No solution in sight for traffic pressures on Langdons Road?

There will be increased traffic in the Langdons Road area due to Kmart and other new retail stores, but Think Papanui’s Simon Britten has found that no changes to the road network are likely ahead of the next stage of the development opening. Click through for more:…/no-solution-in-sight-for-traffi…/

No solution in sight for traffic pressures on Langdons Road?

Analysis: the recent announcement that Kmart was moving to Papanui raised some questions about safety and traffic volumes, especially at the intersection of Langdons Road and Greers Road. I’m havin…”