Community Board inaugural meeting outcome

At the inaugural meeting of the Waipapa/Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board this morning Emma Norrish was elected chair and Simon Britten deputy chair. The first ordinary meeting of the Board will be held on Thursday 10 November at 9am in the Papanui boardroom. Thanks to the St Albans News for further details:

The new Papanui Innes Central Community Board was sworn in on Friday morning (28 October), minus one of the successful Innes candidates who resigned before the first meeting. The board has not publicly announced the resignation yet but a postal by-election is on the cards for early 2023 -these things take time to organise. A similar sort of thing is happening on the West Coast – it requires a byelection rather than taking the next person closest in voting, which was Mark Wilson. Back row Papanui councillor Victoria Penstock, Papanui community board member and deputy chair Simon Britten, central city councillor Jake McLellan, central community board member John Miller and Innes community board member Emma Twaddell. Front row Central community board member Sunita Gautam, board chair Emma Norrish and Innes councillor Pauline Cotter. Emma Norrish and Simon Britten’s names were drawn from a black cap for the chair positions after votes were 4-4 with Sunita Gautam missing out on the draw. by CEO Dawn Baxendale.

Image credit: St Albans News