18 February Community Board meeting outcomes

On Friday 18 February, the Waipapa/Papanui-Innes Community Board:

    • heard from Kiwi Property / Northlands Shopping Centre about surface flooding at the Langdons/Sissons intersection and increased traffic on Langdons Road;
    • received a deputation on starling issues in Dudley Street;
    • granted a ground lease at MacFarlane Park to the Kindergarten operating there;
    • approved a lighting upgrade at Owen Mitchell Park;
    • approved a road renewal for Dudley Street but laid proposed renewals for two other Richmond streets on the table pending a site visit;
    • approved two pedestrian islands for Langdons Road;
    • and received an area report on issues and initiatives within the Community Board area.

The Board will next meet on 4 March for a briefing and on 18 March for a formal meeting.

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